Mobile Bicycle Service in Pacific Beach and surrounding areas

Boardwalk Bike Repair

Services Include:

Tune-ups, flat tires, brake pads and adjustments, shifter adjustments, chain cleaning and lube, wheel truing

Bicycle Service focused on being Convenient and Economical

Top off the air in your tires, adjust your handlebars or seat, check on what that clunky noise is.

Get a cleaning and lube of the chain (essential oils)

Tighten up somthing loose (maybe that beach cruiser chain or crank)

Get those brakes to stop squaking and working like they should (Disc brakes and hydraulics serviced too)

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Wheel Truing

Is your wheel wobbleling from side to side as it spins? It might be out of alignment. (Out of true) This can be fixed by making adjusments to the spokes.

  • Cost $10-15
  • Time: 10-30 minutes
  • Replace broken spokes $2/ea

Brake Adjustmenmts

Is your bike not stopping as it should? Brakes squaking or making noise? Do they make contact with the rim or disc rotor and slow down the wheel from spinning freely?
The brakes can be adjusted to fix these issues or parts replaced such as brake pads and cables.

  • Cost $10-25
  • Time 10-60min
  • Brake Pads $3pair*
  • Cable Replacement $10-15
  • Minor adjustments $5

Shifting Issues

Not going thru all the gears crisply? No shifting from the front or rear derailleur? Chain falling off?
Shifting issues can be corrected by adjustments to the cable tension, lubricating stuck parts, straightening bent parts, and possibly by replacing worn out chain, gears, cables, etc.

  • Cost $10-25
  • Time 10-60min
  • Cable Replacment $10-15
  • Sticky Shifter $10
  • Lubricate all cables $5*
  • Straighten Bent Hanger $5*
  • New Chain $15 & up

Something wonky with your bike? ¿Tienes Problema con tu bici?

10+ years experience wrenching on all types of bikes.
10 años+ revisando bicicletas

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